Supplementary Schemes

What are Supplementary Schemes?

A supplementary scheme means a voluntary scheme chosen by the member to compliment benefits of any mandatory scheme. The main aim of Supplementary Schemes are to cater for more different benefits, where people voluntarily save for retirement, working capital and insure themselves against events such as disability and loss of income and meet other social needs.

Section 31 of the Social Security (Regulatory Authority) Act, Cap 135 [As Amended] provides that “any person may, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in the Regulations, establish a supplementary scheme whose membership shall be voluntary.”

The following supplementary schemes have been registered by the Authority;

  1. Puma Energy Tanzania Provident Fund
  2. Voluntary Savaings Retirement Scheme
  3. MSD Wekeza Supplementary Scheme
  4. PSPF Supplementary Scheme
  5. ELCT Retirement Scheme
  6. Wote Scheme
  7. PPF Supplementary Scheme
  8. BOT Staff Benefits Scheme
  9. TANAPA Group Endowment Fund
  10. LAPF DC Scheme
  11. Tanzania Portland Cement Company Limited Staff Pension Scheme
  12. Deposit Administration Scheme
Tovuti Muhimu