Health Insurance Scheme provides coverage for medical/health care services. With focus to ensure quality health care services to employees in the public, private, other groups, is available, accessible and affordable to members and their respective legal dependants, the government took an alternative health financing option (scheme) as a driving force towards implementation of the Health Sector Reform Policy (1993/4). As the results in 1999 the National Health Insurance Fund as a Public institution under the Act No.8 of 1999 (CAP 395 R.E 2002) was established

The scheme is contributory and rate or amount that one contributes largely depends on the salary and is not determined by the risk profile, sex or previous utilization rate of prospective member(s).

According to the NHIF Act, employers and employees in the public sector are obliged to register themselves and contribute to the Fund a total of six per centum of each employee’s monthly basic salary which is equally shared between employer and employee. The Fund has put in place a separate contribution arrangement for other special groups such as students, clergy, associations and private individuals registered by the Fund.

Community Health Fund

Community Health Fund (CHF) is a voluntary scheme established by the Act No. 1 of 2001. The scheme was first introduced in the Country as a pilot in 1996 in Igunga District. CHF is a pre-payment council’s based scheme aimed at facilitating the community to access health care at an affordable premium that is determined by the community itself

At the beginning, it was the Government through the Ministry of Health who was administering the scheme until July, 2009 when they deputized their role to the NHIF, a decision that was in line with Cabinet 37/2007 decisions which directed activities of the mutually related funds i.e. NHIF and CHF to be rationalized.


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