Fund Managers

Fund Managers are responsible for managing and implementing investing strategy and managing portfolios of trading activities. They would normally advise the trustees on available investment vehicles and expected risk and returns for each vehicle.

In general, functions of Fund Managers are:

  • To oversee the acquisition, sale and investment of securities and other financial instruments for a particular scheme,
  • Upgrade and maintain assets, such as stocks, bonds and real estate, so that the Schemes and its investors make a profit,
  • Issuing instructions on behalf of trustees to custodians to effect payments,
  • Submitting quarterly investment schedules / reports

Currently, Fund Managers registered by the Authority include;

  1. Core Securities Ltd
  2. Zan Security Ltd
  3. African Life Assurance (T) Ltd
  4. TSL Investment Management Ltd
  5. Orbit Securities Co Ltd
  6. Optma Corporate Finance Ltd
  7. M Investment Partners Ltd
  8. Arch Financial & Investment Advisory Ltd
  9. Vertex International Securities Ltd
  10. A Capital Ltd
  11. UTT- AMIS Public Company Ltd
  12. Cornerstone Partners Ltd
  13. Solomon Stockbrokers Ltd
  14. Watumishi Housing Company Ltd
  15. Fimco Ltd
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