Welcome to the Social Security Regulatory Authority

This site provides information for interested parties in the Social Security Sector in Tanzania. As SSRA is charged with protection of interest of members of Social Security Schemes, SSRA registers, supervises Pensions, Supplementary & Health Insurance Schemes, as well as Fund Managers, Custodians and Administrators.

Ni fanye nini Kusajili?

Jinsi ya kusajili Mfuko wa Hifadhi ya Jamii


  1. Andika barua ya maombi na tafadhali ambatisha nakala za vitu vifuatavyo
  1. Mamlaka au Sheria inayoanzisha mfuko mf. Sheria ya Bunge
  2. Hati ya dhamana

            (iii)       Ripoti ya ukaguzi wa mahesabu ya hivi karibuni.

How to Register?

How to register a Social Security Scheme


  1. Write a covering letter and please attach copies of the following:
  1. Instrument of Establishment e.g Act of Parliament.
  2. Certificate of incorporation of the trust corporation

            (iii)       Latest audited report and accounts of the trust corporation.


Administrator means a person appointed by trustees to administer a scheme in accordance with the terms and conditions of service specified in the instrument of appointment.


Custodian means a company registered under the law of Tanzania responsible for safeguarding a firm's or individual's financial assets.

Fund Managers

Fund Managers are responsible for managing and implementing investing strategy and managing portfolios of trading activities...

Health Insurance Schemes

Health Insurance Scheme provides coverage for medical/health care services. With focus to ensure quality health care services...

Pension Schemes

Social security is aimed at enabling people to live a respectable life where they can meet their basic needs...

Supplementary Schemes

A supplementary scheme means a voluntary scheme chosen by the member to compliment benefits of any mandatory scheme