The functions and duties of the Authority are;​

1. To register all Managers, Custodians and Schemes

2. Regulate and supervise the performance of all Managers, Custodians and Social Security Schemes

3. Issue guidelines for the efficient and effective operation of the Social Security Sector

4. Protect and safeguard the interests of members

5. Register, regulate and supervise Administrators

6. Advise the Minister on policy matters relating to Social Security Sector

7. Adopt and promulgate broad guidelines applicable to all Managers,  Custodians and Social Security Schemes

8. Monitor and review regularly the performance of the Social Security Sector

9. Initiate studies and reforms in the Social Security Sector

10. Appoint interim Administrator of schemes, where necessary

11. To facilitate extension of Social Security coverage and

12. To conduct public awareness and sensitization on Social Security

Tovuti Muhimu